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Tommy Orr brings a joy to performing that has energized audiences from the Midwest to the Mediterranean.  An expressive singer, accomplished pianist and broadly experienced entertainer, Tommy has been captivating audiences and inspiring dancers for more than 30 years.  From intimate nightclubs to rollicking dance halls, Tommy connects with people and delivers a rich and engaging musical experience – all with his special wit and charm.

Trained as a classical pianist during his formative years, Tommy began playing in pop/rock combos in his late teens, and over the years would also perform in various solo, duo and band incarnations.  Venues have included nightclubs, theaters, churches and more - performing a wide variety of music, spanning the decades from the early 20th century to present.  For over 18 years, Tommy has been performing interactive shows in the dueling piano industry – including over seven years playing for Howl At The Moon shows on Norwegian Cruise Line.  So, whether you want to sing along to Frank Sinatra or Foo Fighters – Tommy is your man!

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